New Life Festival in Brazil

About the New Life Festival

New Life Festivals are great events of unity and celebration in Christ!

Join us and you will enjoy great worship music, a message of hope, and receive prayer for you and your family.

About Rubens Cunha

New Life Festivals is a project of Global Gospel Action (GGA). GGA is a Christian ministry led by Missionary Evangelist Rubens Cunha. It is dedicated to the proclamation of the Gospel around the world.

Rubens Cunha is a Brazilian born missionary evangelist, author, and international speaker who has led hundreds of thousands to Christ worldwide through massive evangelistic campaigns.

His global evangelistic ministry follows the model of Jesus: proclamation and demonstration of the salvation message with signs and wonders. Many have received miracle healing at these events, but even more importantly: multitudes have experienced salvation and peace through Jesus Christ. In his campaigns, Rubens boldly proclaims that Jesus Christ is the same every day, everywhere, and for everyone (Hebrews 13:8).

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Salvations in America

Get Involved

It is revival time in America, and we are embracing this awakening with Gospel Festivals filled with live music and a message of hope, joy, and salvation in Christ.

 Rubens Cunha

Our Mission

New Life Festivals exist to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ through events filled with worship, hope, and faith.

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